Invidual and Family Insurance*

Like most people, you’ve probably started out using the same insurance your parents used. It’s easy this way, and your parents have trusted that company for years. However, now you are a recent graduate, and you see things are taking off for you. Maybe you have more responsibility than you’ve ever had before, and you are thinking about your future with all the possibilities it holds. Perhaps the time has come that you’ve started thinking about individual disability insurance. Now it’s time to take a hold of your independence and create a relationship with your insurance agent with our independent insurance agency Rockville Ney Silverman Insurance Associates, LLC offered through Financial Consultants, LLC a Robert Silverman Company.

Make the Right Choice for Yourself

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Are you new to individual insurance? Is your family situation changing? Would you like to know where to find more information about dental insurance in Maryland? Our associates have years of experience and know how to help you pick out the personal insurance plan that best fits your needs. We know there are many options when it comes to health insurance in Maryland, and it can be overwhelming to read through all the fine print. We know that every single client is a unique individual, and our dedicated staff is working hard to find the most affordable solutions for your personal situation.

No Matter Where You Go, We’ve Got You Covered

Are you traveling, moving or spending time abroad in a second home? Whatever you pack in your suitcase, you can always be sure to take piece of mind with you with an international health plan. Live securely and with confidence when you invest in international health, travel and life insurance. As an individual, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel protected by the same coverage that is offered to someone working in a multi-national corporation. Our team of experts will share their knowledge and advice so that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll know we’ve got you covered.

Save When You Bundle

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Life can be very complicated. Often, we must go from one side of town to the other to take care of all of our errands and at the end of the day -- we are exhausted. At Ney Silverman Insurance Associates, LLC, we work with over 25 carriers. Managing your insurance shouldn’t have to be an added hassle to your daily life.

Individual coverage options include:

Make the Change Today

With a bright future ahead, we know that you want to make sure that you and the ones you care about are taken care of. From answering basic questions about vision insurance plans to the ins and outs of life insurance Maryland based Robert Silverman and his team are here to put your worries at ease. Let’s talk about what is most important to you, what kind of basic coverage you need and how to put those together to save you time and money with a more streamlined insurance program.

The best beginning comes from understanding your personal needs. Call (240) 290-7000 today to let us know you are ready to start talking about important details regarding the future of your health and well-being. We are here to guide you in your search for individual insurance plans at an affordable price and with unending support.